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Take Me
Since the birth of her son some years ago Morgan has been in a loveless marriage, the deteriorating relationship with her ever-distant husband has left her feeling lonely and unattractive. A chance encounter with a past-love in her apartment building fills her once more with desire, the desire to be lusted after, the desired to feel like a sexual being, and the desire to be taken by a man. Martin was Morgan’s first love at a time in their lives when they were young and free, nothing mattered and they didn’t carry the weight of responsibility that comes with adulthood. When she sees him on the stairway the memories come flooding back, she has to suppress her desire to kiss him and hold him. Secretly, she wished he would just take her then and there. Inside her apartment Martin can feel the chemistry still flowing through them, he senses her desires and he’s quick to make his move. Morgan needs a man to have his way with her, but they only have the afternoon, her husband will be home from work soon. Take Me is a beautiful and unbridled, passionate sex scene with a wonderful build-up and highly-charged atmospheric feeling. The way it unfolds naturally is so intensely exciting and real that by the time Morgan is undressed and sliding down Martin’s big cock she is so wet that her thick juices are visibly running down his shaft and dripping off his balls. This is a sophisticated and high-quality scene at Orgasms XXX.

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The Business Trip
Eufrat always feels guilty about leaving her gorgeous girlfriend alone at home when she goes away on business. She enjoys thinking of new ways to greet her young lover on her return, the naughtier the better. Both of them love to keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom and neither are afraid to say exactly what’s on their minds. On this occasion Eufrat returns very early in the morning from an overnight flight, her girlfriend Samantha is asleep. She gently kisses her and the sleeping beauty awakes. These two young women are clearly into each other as they exchange long lingering looks, before Eufrat reveals her first of two surprises. She steps back and unbuttons her heavy winter overcoat to reveal her perfect naked body beneath. Samantha instantly sits up to kiss the soft naked torso of her gorgeous lover. They hate being apart but it always results in amazing sex once they are re-united, and this time is no exception. They go crazy on each other, kissing deeply and squeezing their bodies together to feel hot skin on skin. Samantha adores Eufrat’s amazing body and runs her lips and tongue seductively over every inch of Eufrat’s flawless flesh. The second surprise for Samantha comes in the form of a clit stimulator which Eufrat knows will work wonders on both of their gorgeous pussies. Eufrat can’t get enough of Samantha’s tiny pussy, the small, neat opening drives her wild. She can hardly slip two fingers inside, even when sopping wet but she loves how her inner walls contract on point of orgasm. They both roll around, running hands all over each other, tasting and teasing, so happy to be back together. The new toy is put to good use as it brings both girls to leg trembling orgasms. Stomach muscles spasm as pussies tingle and throb with satisfaction. Eufrat is already thinking about surprises for next time at Orgasms XXX.

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Make Me Beg
Ariel and Bridget have such contrasting looks and yet when they are naked and entwined they seem to compliment each other perfectly. Ariel’s milky soft skin pinned against Bridget’s tanned, tight torso as they exchange deep, wet kisses is a breathtaking sight. They slowly undress one another, both intent on running inquisitive hands, lips and tongues over every inch of their young, gorgeous bodies. Ariel’s full, shapely breasts are worshiped by Bridget. The playful blonde is keen to experience the feeling of such womanly assets in her eager mouth. The soft moans from both girls are sensual and alluring. Ariel is equally keen to suck on Bridget’s small, delicious nipples as they both start to moisten with excitement and anticipation of what is to come. Bridget’s inviting wet hole is a welcome site for Ariel who buries her face between the long, tanned legs opening up in front of her. Natural juices begin to flow as the probing tongue of the flame haired babe penetrates and pleasures until Bridget’s tingling body releases a powerful, shuddering orgasm. They share a kiss, Bridget tastes herself on Ariel’s lips and wants her sexy girlfriend to experience the same feeling. She lays her down and slowly moves towards Ariel’s pulsating wet pussy. Bridget guides her fingers inside to feel the sticky warmth emanating from within. She presses her tongue firmly against Ariel’s sensitive clitoris, she can tell it won’t take long. Bridget stays locked on as the stunning redhead squirms and writhes with pleasure. Her intense climax leaves her shaking and flushed. A beautiful lesbian encounter at Orgasms XXX.

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Once in a while we come across two girls who connect in a way that is almost impossible to describe in words. How can you describe chemistry, how can you describe something when you can’t find an explanation of how it happens. A mutual attraction? A spark? Shared affinity? None of these words comes close to describing what happened in the within the souls of Zuzana and Blue the day they met on location to shoot for Orgasms.xxx. One look, one handshake, one smile, that’s all it took to completely change the atmosphere on-set. When the girls were sitting on the bed together for the photoshoot their attention never waved from one another, the eye contact, the closeness, the intensity that they were feeling was enough to fill the air with electricity, in fact the entire photoshoot for them was foreplay to the video. There’s no point in trying to describe this scene in words, just sit back and enjoy something totally authentic and totally intimate. Real feelings, real passion, real orgasms, this is what we’re all about at Orgasms XXX!

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Jenny is simply a delight, she’s the quiet-type, a gorgeously shy young girl that works hard in college, doesn’t go out partying much and has only ever had one boyfriend. Her natural body, her raven hair and her perfect breasts with their little hard red nipples just makes us weak at the knees! Jenny doesn’t do any type of explicit hardcore modeling, but once she met our producers she was happy to make an intimate video for Orgasms which would feature her touching herself and masturbating intimately. Once she’s spend some time touching herself over her clothes Jenny begins to take off items slowly, revealing her beautiful body, her olive skin shows up her goosebumps as she slips a hand under her panties into the warmth between her legs. When she starts touching herself we can actually hear how wet she is, her fingers squishing and squelching as her natural moisture begins to spread to her outer labia! Jenny’s orgasm is wonderfully real. No fake screams of pleasure, she simply closes her eyes and concentrates on the feelings running through her as her fingers work her clitoris, the camera lingers on her as her face becomes agonizingly expressive and her body tightens as she reaches her heavenly climax at Orgasms XXX.

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True Love
Jessica and Owen are a young couple in love. This is the second time they’ve come to Orgasms to model for us as a couple and we weren’t disappointed! Jessica is a beautiful petite brunette, she’s 152cm tall and has striking blue eyes. Her small natural body is firm and tight. Her handsome boyfriend Owen is such a lucky man, he holds her affectionately and his cock gets very hard for her in this romantic and sexy scene! Not only are they a beautiful couple, but they have that slight exhibitionist streak that gives them the ability to perform naturally on camera, as they would in the intimacy of their own bedroom. We simply asked them to make love to one another, to show us how they express their love for one another physically. The result is a gorgeous and amorous scene, a true expression of the lovers feelings for each other at Orgasms XXX.

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After Party
After a few cocktails at a local bar, Eufrat and her best friend Adrianna are a little tipsy. They’ve spent the night dancing, talking about failed relationships and flirting. They’ve always liked each other but neither has had the courage to initiate even a kiss. Last orders are called so they hail a cab and head back to the apartment they share. The sun is already rising when they stumble in from their night on the town. They would usually say goodnight and head to their separate bedrooms but not tonight. They are both just way to horny and curious for nerves to stop them now as they embrace and kiss passionately. Soft lips touch and wet tongues slip into mouths. Hands explore over clothes and then under. Both are excited and desperate to feel their naked bodies pressed together. Eufrat pulls Adrianna in to her room and throws her on the bed. She wants to taste her friend first, so takes charge by peeling off her clothes and then stops for a few seconds to admire the beautiful body she has dreamt of seeing for so long. Eufrat moans with delight at seeing a generous amount of hair on Adrianna’s young, wet pussy. She clamps her mouth over her girlfriends sticky entrance and savours the sweet taste as she eats intently. What follows is a highly sensual and erotic display of girl on girl sex, full of passion and pleasure. Both of these beautiful young women are desperate to feel the sensation that they have craved for so long. The orgasms are stunning, jaw-dropping and real at Orgasms XXX.

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Burning Desire
Blue loves sex, it’s really as simple as that. Her lust for both men and women is intense and when those feelings take over her there are no cameras, no lights, nothing except for her and her partner. Martin was like an over-excited young man the moment he met Blue and we could tell by the way they reacted to one another that the scene was going to be super hot. Once the two were together on the bed, holding each other and gazing into each others eyes there was no stopping them, for them this wasn’t a performance, it was an intimate moment of lascivious hunger. Our cameraman was simply trying to keep up and capture this ardent love scene as beautifully as possible. There was no direction whatsoever in this scene, it is free-flowing, raw and completely natural, what Blue and Martin wanted to do with each other, they did. Their focus on each other is intense, just check out the scene and count how many times Blue reaches climax. Her orgasms come thick and she trembles and loses herself in the moment frequently. Martin too can hardly hold back, her warm wet pussy sucks his bulky cock deep inside her and the way she fucks would take any man instantly to the edge of orgasm. A natural, beautiful and sensual scene, but also intense, hardcore and glowing with feeling. This is the closest high-quality pornography gets to that same level of genuine intimacy seen in amateur homemade porn at Orgasms XXX.

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